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1897 Collection


Originating in the traditional Kefalonian recipes of Polykalas distillery, Polykalas Bitter Mantola Liqueur, 1897 Collection overwhelms the senses with a fragrant bitter almond aroma, the exceptional taste that sweetens the palate and its luxurious appearance.

The almond is called Mantola in Kefalonia, thus its name.

It is served chilled and can be combined with fresh juice of citrus or other fruit.

Try it even in coffee, chocolate and various cocktails, to give a unique flavour to your drink.
1897 Collection

Polykalas Hazelnut Liqueur

Knowledge meets passion

Warm notes of hazelnut extracts are combined with distinctive spice and oak aromas, and the “Polykalas Hazelnut Liqueur, 1897 Collection” accompanies with your taste all your moods.

Served as an aperitif straight or with crushed ice, it gives a unique flavor to hot chocolate, coffee and summer cocktails.

1897 Collection

Polykalas Tentura Liqueur

The main component is our love…

Mixed with fun and passion, adding the playful cinnamon flavour and hints of clove, honey and nutmeg aromas.

The original “Polykalas Tentura Liqueur, 1897 Collection” is made this way! An exciting spicy flavour that will impress as a digestive after a reach meal, it can be served as an aperitif straight, on the rocks or with cream, and it will give a unique flavour to coffee and summer cocktails.

Its crystal luxurious bottle is a unique gift for your collection.
1897 Collection

Polykalas Lemon Liqueur

Searching the secret recipe books of the great grandfather Polykalas, we came across an historic discovery for our family.
Polykalas House originates from the upper noble class of the island of Kefalonia, and many family members had studied in Pàdova, Italy, in early Renaissance, with family titles recorded in the famous Libro d’Oro della Nobiltà Italiana.
There, it starts the story of the recipe of Lemon Liqueur , which according to the writings of the great grandfather it comes from a noble lady of Padua, famous for her outstanding talent in the food and liqueur production, including the Lemon Liqueur (or Limoncello, as called in italian).

With a sparkling flavour that awakens the senses, the “Polykalas Lemon Liqueur, 1897 Collection” is a sweet and palatable liqueur made of lemon peel beverage that highlights its refined aromas in the most enjoyable way. Enjoy it as a refreshing aperitif or as a complement in your favourite cocktail.

Enjoy it as a refreshing aperitif or as a complement in your favourite cocktail.

1897 Collection

Polykalas Mastic Liqueur

Combining the traditional mood and the modern thought
Polykala Distillery optimizes its valuable recipes and seals inside this bottle a four-generation history, quality, passion and love!

A classic taste with a rich aroma, a crystal aspect and the intense characteristic flavour of the unique Mastic of the island of Chios. It is served straight or on the rocks.

Try it in coffee or in summer cocktails to give them a unique aroma and taste.
1897 Collection

Polykalas Plum Liqueur Azen

A fruit with a juicy delicate taste, a recipe older than 100 years old, a passion that originates from years of experience.

This is the secret recipe of “Polykalas Plum Liqueur Azen, 1897 Collection”, a liqueur with a rich flavour and luxurious appearance.

It is served as an aperitif and a digestive after a rich meal.

Try it straight with crushed ice in cool cocktails.
1897 Collection


The redberries offer their deep red colour

Three-month improvement period in oak barrels offers the unique aroma.

Polykalas Distillery offers the knowledge, love and passion, separates one by one the aromas, and blends them together in a celebration of taste.

Polykalas Gooseberry Liqueur, 1897 Collection is a liqueur with a rich flavour, body and duration, full flavour and luxurious appearance, that makes you look for excuses to pour it in the glass!

It is served as an aperitif and a digestif after a rich meal.

Try it straight with crushed ice, in cool cocktails.
1897 Collection


Polykala Distillery presents another fragrant, refreshing taste, the “Polykalas Bergamot Liqueur, 1897 Collection”.

Fruity and light, the bergamot fruit gives its sweet aroma to the secret recipe of the Polykalas distillery, and in combination with the experience of four generations, it brings to your palate a genuine nectar with distinctive spice aromas.

Enjoy it with ice, with juice, and accompany it with a bitter chocolate.

Special blend

Nona’s Fioro

Nona’s Fioro sweet muscat wine with ginger scented geranium.

Once upon a time our Nona Irene as we say grandmother , in Cephalonian dialect, asked from our grandfather a bittersweet drink, low in alcohol in order to give her “rifortso” in other words to stimulate her. He created a unique recipe by combining sweet wine and herbs (ginger). Respecting our tradition and her desire we bottled the same recipe and named her after her, Nona’s Fioro (Godmothers Flower).

Try it as an aperitif or even like a long drink with ice, while at room temperature can be combined harmoniously with fruits and sweets.


Prico Aperitivo

Since the 18th century and up to date the Bitter Drink remains firmly in the preferences of the bartender and the Western world. The influences for our founder and the current followers of Polykala Distillery were many.

Ginger, sage , wormwood , angelica , cinnamon, orange, bitter orange , vanilla , laurel , chamomile and many other herbs , are tied harmoniously and present the perfect blend of Prico Aperitivo.

We collaborate with specialized Master Distillers and we implement traditional techniques of distillation to insure all aromas and flavors are preserved to their best!

Handmade production is the success, without pressures from the bottling and always at the appropriate time.

Lusciously sweet


Lusciously sweet Vermouth Polykala

The first Vermouth was produced at Polykala Distillery in 1904, the recipe was given by an Italian producer of aromatic wines at Vassili Polykala the great grandfather and founder Claus.

The Vermouth belongs to the category of aromatic wines, which contains herbal extracts such as Absinthe as its main ingredient.

In the 60’s by studying the old recipes of his father, Dimitris Polykalas created his own Vermouth “Tres Bien”.

After 109 years we look back at the recipe, we are adding more herbs and create a Lusciously sweet Vermouth Polykala.

Ideal for cocktails, with plenty of recipes to find all over the Internet, but equally attractive when served alone on ice.



We started by blending a mix of fresh roasted coffee beans, vanilla seeds, pure sweeteners and alcohol. While the mixture was still hot we bottled it by hand with no machine pressure in order to lock inside the liqueurs body, the fragrant and the aroma blend.

Today we offer you a delicious drink or aperitif.

Try it
Cocktail Black Magic

Shake with ice Polykala Coffee Liqueur, lemon and vodka.

Cocktail International Incident

Stir over ice Pikromandola, Polykala Coffee Liqueur, Polykala Hazelnut Liqueur, Irish Cream, and vodka.

1897 Collection

Sour Cherry

We went back through times…

We found flavors and aromas that were extinct now days.
We closed the four generations’ knowledge into a bottle, and offer you another recipe of the Polykalas family.

Selected sour cherries, crafted with pure spice aromas and love, are offered in a luxurious bottle and are waiting for you to enjoy them as an aperitif or digestif.

Polykalas Sour Cherry Liqueur, 1897 Collection.

Let its sweet aroma and vibrant color travel you!


The Polykalas Distillery with its knowledge and passion, has evolved a traditional homemade recipe and brought it at the forefront of modern taste.

The “Polykalas Rakomelon, 1897 Collection” is produced following a unique technique that offers it the deep copper colour that makes it special.
The fruity tsipouro composition and the sweet honey taste meet discreet fruit and spice aromas, and they are spread pleasantly to the palate, leaving a memorable taste.

Enjoy it chilled, in a tall glass with a thin slice of lemon, or a room temperature in a tulip glass.

The heat of the hand that holds the glass is transferred to the Rakomelo, revealing its rich aromas and warming our hearts!
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